14 Lars Maaløe – Machines helping save lives

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In today’s podcast we have Lars Maaløe as a guest. Lars is co-founder and CTO of Corti (www.corti.ai). Corti is a machine learning (AI) solution that helps emergency medical professionals make life-saving decisions for, e.g., cardiac arrests. It was trained with millions of phone calls, enabling it to spot patterns that are undetectable to humans. Corti won on February 2020 the “Future Unicorn Award” from digitaleurope.org, showing its potential to become one of Europe’s Digital Health beacon companies. Lars shares with us how such solutions are created, if we can trust machines, and the medical/business/social impact of AI.

There is a chance to meet Lars live at the 2. International E-Healthcare Applications Summit in Winterthur (May 11, 2020): www.e-health-applications.ch

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